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Sunday suppers at my Nana’s house were always the epitome of comfort food. Chicken and Dumplings, Pot Roast, fried chicken… all the foods that immediately spring to mind if you were to speculate about what Aunt Bea would have cooked for dinner for Andy and Opie, that’s what we would have. It seemed like some type of bread was always included, as basic as some brown and serve rolls to homemade sweet potato biscuits, depending on the meal and the amount of time she wanted to spend in the kitchen that day.

My love of bread continued into adulthood, and I admit that I am lured into choosing some restaurants when we are going out to dinner just for the bread options (hello Cheddar’s croissants, I’m looking at you).

Good breads are one of my culinary weaknesses, and I’m looking to expand on that. There is no better smell than fresh bread cooking in the house.

These recipes from six bloggers will make your house smell yummy, and your belly happy.

PickleBee FInds Bread

1. Cheese Garlic Bread – from Cakes Cottage
Pickle’s favorite meal is spaghetti (she claims she could eat it every day) and she loves some garlic bread to go with it. These cheesy, garlicky bread would be the perfect accompaniment!

2. Cheddar Chive Bacon Biscuits – from The Seasoned Mom
I love how simple this recipe from Blair at The Seasoned Mom is! I am dreaming about a breakfast sandwich made on these beauties.

3. Rustic Oatmeal Casserole Bread – from Yesterfood
Maybe I’m crazy, but this just looks like something Ma Ingall’s would have made for Half Pint, and that makes me want to make it all the more!

4. Cinnamon Roll Pull-Aparts – from Call Me PMC
I love Sister Schubert’s parker house rolls… and this recipe turns them into cinnamon rolls! YES PLEASE! I have never been one to get up and make fresh cinnamon rolls, but this is totally do-able, even for sleepyheads like me.

5. Cheddar Sourdough Bread – from Averie Cooks
Oh my. I can only imagine how amazing this would smell cooking in my house. I can do this, right? Cheese. Bread. Perfect combination!

6. Bacon and Cracklin Bread – from That Recipe
Y’all know I’m a bookworm, and this is one of Scout’s favorites from To Kill A Mockingbird. I can’t wait to make this and curl up with my battered copy and spend an afternoon with the Finch family.

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  1. Yummy, what a great collection of bread recipes! Good to save for future reference. Stopping by from the Bajan Texan… would love for you to stop by my baking blog to say hello 🙂 x

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