I Do Marathons… on Netflix

I love a good TV show. There is something awesome about having a show that you look forward to watching every week, and that you can’t wait to talk about with someone.

There have been a few shows that were definite TV obsessions for me, like Lost and Battlestar Galactica, where it was possible to just think up random theories for what was going on and to discuss with other viewers what you thought was “really” going on.

There are very few shows that I watch like this anymore, and it seems like now the “thing” is to find new shows to binge watch on Netflix or to watch the season in it’s entirety once it’s on summer hiatus. I find myself wondering if we’re losing something in our marathon sessions of binge watching that made TV viewing so appealing?

Sure, it’s great to have the answer to that cliffhanger 30 seconds into the next episode, but you lose that excitement of having a week (or more!) to speculate what was going to happen. There’s no time to let anticipation build or for your mind to connect the dots.

Are we going to end up dumbing our brains down into needing instant gratification of everything?

I have sucked up entire days where I didn’t even realizing quite how many episodes of a show I had watched in a row. When I finally succumbed to peer pressure and started watching Scandal, I had to force myself away from the couch because I got full on sucked into the Olivia Pope melodrama. 

The thing that does stick with me is that I miss not always being able to do the typical “watercooler” conversations about the shows you are watching. Most people at my workplace watch Orange is the New Black, and when the new season launched on Netflix, some people binge watched it all that first weekend, while others took their time. You can’t just come in and “OH MY GOD!! Can you believe what happened??” like you can when you watch a show “live”. You have to spend time figuring out where you are in relationship to each other so that you don’t give away any spoilers. I spent a great deal of time saying, “NO! I haven’t watched it yet!!” and la-la-la-la-ing with my fingers in my ears to make sure that I wasn’t hearing things from later in the season. 

I ponder all of this knowing that because Pickle is with her dad tonight (and I can convince Joe to go along with most anything if I put him into a food coma), I can settle into a good binge watch of Fringe – a show I never watched while it was on, but started watching a week ago on Netflix. I may wonder if I’m losing out on having to wait for next week’s episode , but I’m too gluttonous to really care.

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One thought on “I Do Marathons… on Netflix

  1. I’ve never even heard of this show! I’ll have to check it out.

    I agree, I do miss being able to talk with people about THAT episode and not just the series overall!

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