Confession: I used to blog. 


Is it telling that I begin the very first post of this blog with a confession. I suppose that in some ways, blogging is the ultimate confessional. It is a bit like when they call “house guests” into the little room on Big Brother and ask them to dish on all the other people in the house. Assuming they still do that on Big Brother… I can’t honestly say that I’ve watched that show in ten years at least.

Anyway… Hello. I’m Erin. I used to have a blog called picklebee, where I blogged about the adventures of my daughter, Pickle (pseudonym. I’m not that cruel), my former husband Mr. Bee, and myself. But once that marriage ended and I started a new chapter in my life, having that blog was just… I don’t really know. Strange? Weird? A reminder of that whole negative experience? Honestly, I don’t know why I quit blogging exactly. I think life just got in the way and I didn’t really have a lot to say. Now, I find myself needing a creative outlet, and I am longing to put my fingers back to the keyboard. And so I begin again…

To sum me up: Thirty-something, mom to one 7 (almost EIGHT year old girl), remarried to Joe, spending my days as a wannabe interior designer (if watching HGTV counts), chef (if cooking things I find on pinterest counts), and book critic (if reading a lot counts). I spend my work life peddling books to the masses and drinking unhealthy amounts of coffee. Welcome, I hope you’ll visit often.

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