How Do You Have Time To Read?

I get asked that question a lot, usually by other moms, but sometimes by just people who feel like reading is a novelty that they don’t want to spend any time doing. 

I’ll be honest, by reading comes in spurts and phases. There are times I am a voracious reader, and will plow through a novel in a day. And then there are times when I will read very little, either because life got crazy busy or because I would just rather veg out with the husband on the couch and watch an episode of Love It or List It instead. 

But really, I make time for reading because it’s something that I truly enjoy, and I feel that taking a few minutes a day for myself is certainly not a bad thing. Some people find this peach through taking a long bath, or going for a run, or by reorganizing their pantry and using a label maker compulsively. For me, I like the quiet calm that I feel when I get absorbed in a story, the adrenaline rush of a good thriller that makes you want to speed read because you just NEED TO KNOW where the story is going, the contentment of closing a book that was great and feeling like you’ve gained something from having read the story. 

It’s really about what’s a priority for you – and for many people, reading isn’t. And that’s TOTALLY fine. I’m not one to try and make people feel guilty… but then there are those people who seem to be implying that because I have time to read, I must be neglecting something more important in my life. And THAT, really ticks me off. Mommy guilt of all varieties is bullshit. And now we have to criticize how we spend our leisure time? Silly. 

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