Honey Nut Brie en Croute

Y’all know that I love some cheese and I think that I have mentioned it far too many times when discussing my recipes with you.But seriously… cheese.

My friend Erica is off on a European adventure of a honeymoon, and she is going to all sorts of amazing places – including France! Like me, the French love their cheese, and when she asked me to guest post a recipe for her while she is gone, I knew I wanted to tip my hat to le fromage!

Head on over the The Crumby Cupcake to see my take on Honey Nut Brie en Croute, and while you’re there look around at some of Erica’s absolutely delicious recipes. My favorites are Pina Colada Cupcakes and her amazing Crock Pot Mexican Beer Chili !

Honey Nut Brie en Croute

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