Book Review: The Summers End by Mary Alice Monroe



I read all sorts of books, but my favorite pleasure reading has got to be good family stories in a beach setting. Maybe it’s because I spent my summer’s growing up at our family beach house, or the fact that I’ve never lived too far from the water – but whatever the reason, it’s what I always crave when the days get hot and the porch is perfect for a glass of sweet tea and a good book. 

A few years ago, I picked up The Summer Girls by Mary Alice Monroe and devoured it. As one of three sisters, similar stories always seem to resonate with me a bit – most likely because I do think that there is always there is some truth to the three sisters stereotypes. In our family, we can definitely fall into the bossy, strong minded sister, the carefree sister, and the peacemaker… the smart one, the pretty one, the wild one… and so it goes. 

The Summer Girls trilogy focuses on the Muir sisters, who all share a father but separate mothers. Each was raised in a different part of the country, only uniting in the summer when they would visit their grandmother on Sullivan’s Island in South Carolina. In the first book, Dora, Carson, and Harper are lured back to the island by their ailing grandmother for a visit – but were convinced to stay all summer. Each book tells the story of about a month’s time on the Island and the sister’s experiences learning to reconnect with each other, but also with themselves. 

If you haven’t read one of the first two – you’re in luck! Because you have the fortune of getting to read them all together! I do love when I find a series “late” and then binge read it in completion. I loved the final installment just as I have the first two, and felt the book was a fitting end to a trilogy that I’ve looked forward to for the past few years. 

The Summer’s End focuses on Harper’s experience, in connecting with her overbearing mother, and in coming out of her shell when she meets the rather studly military man she falls for. Don’t worry – this isn’t some scandalous fluffy romance novel – love always plays second fiddle to the importance of family in this series. 

Perfect for lazy Spring and Summer days – I suggest you pick these up for your beach/pool/front porch reading this Spring and Summer! 

You can find them here:

The Summer Girls (Lowcountry Summer) – Book 1 [Affiliate Link]

The Summer Wind (Lowcountry Summer) – Book 2 [Affiliate Link]

The Summer’s End (Lowcountry Summer Book 3) – Book 3 [Affiliate Link] 

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