Book Recommendation- Big Little Lies

Did you read The Husband’s Secret last year? A run away hit from Australian author Liane Moriarty, I know lots of people certainly did. I really enjoyed that book – it was a good read and I haven’t met anyone who flat out disliked it. 

Big Little Lies

I had the opportunity to read a copy of her latest release Big Little Lies, and I will warn you… You won’t want to put it down. I made the mistake of starting it one night and ended up staying up far too late reading it. 

The novel is set around a small beach community and the incoming class of new kindergarten students at the local school. As you would expect, there are mommy wars, family drama, and the sense that even perfect marriages may not be all that they seem. You also learn that at the schools annual fundraiser, someone died – but the book keeps you guessing who and how until the very end. 

As the mom of a second grader, I found the books characterizations of modern parenting to be spot on. Thankfully, Pickle’s school isn’t so dramatic – but I can see the inevitable “petition to ban birthday cupcakes due to the obesity epidemic” as being totally plausible. 

I love the author’s style of writing – there are interjections through the book of excerpts from a journalists interviews with all the “players” at the school, and this was a great way to share other points of view without feeling forced. 

This is a perfect summer read – not too mindless, not too heavy. Intriguing, smart, and well written. 


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