Book Recommendation – This Is Where I Leave You



I am surrounded by books all day, every day – and many times deciding what to read is the choice between a lot of options, and on occasion, there is a good one that slips by you. 

I was browsing around online a few weeks ago and stumbled upon the trailer for the upcoming film, This Is Where I Leave You, and recalled that I had seen the book plenty of times, but never read it. The movie seemed like I would enjoy it, so I figured that I would read the book first. 

The book centers around the death of Mort Foxman, the patriarch of the dysfunctional Foxman clan, and his dying wish that his family sit shiva. Judd, the second son and narrator, recently found out that his wife was having an affair with his boss, and each of the  Foxman siblings has their own dramas going on in their lives. 

I am a very dry and sarcastic person by nature, and this is delightfully dry. 

I loved this book. It was so well written, dark, funny, sarcastic… I devoured it in a day and hated for it to end. I thought that it was such an interesting take on the complexities of family and the feelings of uncertainly when everything seems to be going to crap. 

I think that as everyone hits their 30’s you struggle with where you life IS versus where you expected it to be, and this book covers that feeling in droves. It ponders that what-ifs of high school crushes, the realities of marriage, and the feelings of not quite living up to expectations. 

I highly recommend it! 


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