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I typed the title of this post in (which isn’t terribly creative, I admit) and immediately heard it in the tune of “All About That Bass”, and for that I apologize. Undoubtedly, you now have that earworm going through your head just like I do. Oops.

I mostly share recipes with you – and cooking truly is my great love. But I am also REALLY passionate about books. I love being able to escape into a story – into another place, time, or life – and just get absorbed into the story. The best and worst feeling is coming to the end of a book you’ve fallen in love with – sad to see it end, but loving the story and having had the chance to read it.

You’ve probably seen the link above to my Fifty Books A Year page, where I list for you the books I’m reading to get to my goal of 50 each year (as well as to some previous year’s lists). A lot of people have a startled reaction when I share that I always make this my goal – as it isn’t something that is obtainable for them. For me, I would rather read than watch television or movies. I always carry a book (whether paper or digital) to read in spare moments, and try to read at least a few pages every day. I go through spells where I can’t get enough, and then do have period where I just don’t feel like reading – it seems to balance out. Also, my job requires me to keep up to date on what’s happening in the book world, so I like to keep my eye out for what could potentially be the next bestseller. Plus, it’s just a goal. I don’t beat myself up if I fail.

This year, I decided to have someone else pick one book for me each month of the year – and tried to be diverse in who I asked so that I would end up with a wide variety of things I may otherwise never have read. I have a few months left at the end of the year to fill, so leave me a comment with some suggestions!

As I write this post, I just finished book 6 for the year. It’s been a great start! I have loved all of them so far. I’m going to share some of my favorite with you next week.

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