Advice to My Younger Self

As I mentioned in a previous post, I am participating in a month long blogging challenged coordinated by the lovely team over at The DC Ladies

As you know, I primarily blog about food, as that is my true hobby and one of my greatest passions. I love the process of cooking, I love feeding people, and I love the creativity of it. You also know that I love to read, and that I challenge myself to read a book each week during the year (this years list so far). And you know a little about me and my life thus far from various tidbits that I have shared along the way. 

Todays challenge was to share one piece of advice that you would give your younger self… I admit, this is a daunting challenge. I have stumbled often in my life, and made decisions that I have later realized were not the right ones. So looking back, what would I tell the younger Erin, perhaps to spare her from some of the bad times that I have experienced. 


Dear Me, 

I am writing this on the cusp of another birthday, and perhaps that is making me a little more introspective. I wish that I could tell you that you will always make the right decisions, and that your life with be full of nothing but the best possible outcomes. However, that will not be. You will stumble, you will falter, and you will make choices that will cause you immeasurable regret. You will have your heart broken, and you will break someones heart. You will kick yourself many times over for not taking the high road, and you will drink waaaaaaay too many cups of coffee (and far too much vodka). Oh, and don’t smoke. It’s gross. And even though you kick the habit in your early twenties, you will still think about turning to them when you get stressed out well into your 30’s. But that’s not my one piece of advice, that’s just an extra tidbit. 

So here it is… Don’t be scared. I lived my life worrying about what other people thought, that I was making mistakes, second guessing myself, doubting my capabilities. You are strong. You can be whatever you want to be and accomplish whatever your heart desires. Your fate isn’t sealed until YOU make that decision. The unknown can be daunting, and being outside of your comfort zone can be awful. But, I promise you that the regret of not doing something is far worse a feeling. Stay true, baby girl – you got this. 




2 thoughts on “Advice to My Younger Self

  1. I found you through the #TDCLBlogtober14 group. What a great piece of advice. You are strong! We all are. We just need to remember that when we feel weak!

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