Hand Over the Leftovers, and No One Gets Hurt

Over the weekend, I made tortellini salad to photograph for Monday’s blog post and Joe and I ate some of it for dinner on Monday night. There was just enough left after filling our plates that I put a little lunch sized container away for my lunch on Tuesday. Mmmm lunch time deliciousness. 

Tuesday morning, I was standing in the bathroom flat ironing my hair when I started to think about how I couldn’t wait for lunch (I hadn’t even had breakfast!) because I love that salad so much (have I convinced you to make it yet?). I got dressed and went to the fridge to get the container on my way out the door… gone. Nowhere to be found. I even shifted stuff around thinking that surely, SURELY it must have just gotten misplaced somewhere. 

Oh no,  it wasn’t lost. It was securely placed in the lunchbox of my dear husband and residing in his office fridge. 

Rat. Bastard. 


Granted, I didn’t tell him specifically that he couldn’t take it but I typically draw his attention to when I pack his lunch for him (by holding up the container and specifically telling him where I put it in the fridge, no less) – so I suppose that in this instance I am partly to blame. BUT OH THE HUMANITY! My beloved tortellini. Gone. And no perfect final last bite for me. 

There are unwritten rules about these things, I think. Thou shalt not eat the last of something if you aren’t sure it isn’t meant for someone else’s lunch. Right?  Sounds like a worthy 11th commandment to me. 

This ranks right up there with Thou Shalt Not Eat someone else’s leftovers from a restaurant. My sister and her husband were back home recently, and we talked about this – Apparently, her husband once ate her Olive Garden leftovers without asking, and she hasn’t let it go. And this didn’t just happen! She’s still bitter about the Olive Garden she didn’t get to eat. When food has been claimed, there is no forgiveness allowed. 

I spent much of the morning contemplating how I was going to punish him… waterboarding crossed my mind a time or two.  But, the man ended up picking up sushi for dinner, so I’ll forgive him…. 

Just this once. 

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